5G Transmitter
Metal antenna symbol with letters 5G on white

Cell phones are all the rage nowadays. So many people have them for good communication. We appreciate the 3G network, 4G network, and now 5G network. I’m not sure how they work exactly but I know they facilitate communication in more places throughout the globe and with stronger signals, therefore less dropped calls. When you have a strong network your good conversations will not be interrupted by a disconnected drop. If people discern well they must tap into God’s 5G network. This network allows for 5 key points of discernment, tuning our ears to God’s personal call for you. Good Godly communication requires these elements of the 5G network:

1. Grab a Bible

We need the daily word of God interacting in our lives to allow opportunities for God to speak to our hearts. St. Augustine began his discernment when he heard children on a playground singing a rhyme that said, “pick it up and read it.” And so Augustine picked up the book next to him and began to read the Bible. We need to give God the opportunity to draw us to him, and pick up the Bible and read it.

2. Go to mass

The Conventual mass has been a staple of Franciscan religious life for centuries. It is the community mass for the brother-friars and priest-friars. Friars have the advantage of the Sacrament of Eucharist every day and this gives God the opportunity to grant graces to us. And who could not do without additional graces? Regular opportunities to attend mass beyond the Sunday obligation is a fitting way to enrich your communication with God.

3. Go to confession

Regular confession frees the heart of past sins and allows one to pursue the thing that delights the soul. For each person the path of a vocation call is a different one, but first we loose the burdensome baggage of past sins and give ourselves over completely to the one who pursues us. Like the hound of heaven, the lapping love dog can not be dismissed or shaken from pursuit and at some point requires a response. We respond to the Lord’s love through confession, and even further is the enriching counsel of a spiritual director.

4. Gaze at the Lord in Adoration

Adoration is the meeting of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. St Francis of Assisi would often be taken up by Adoration and in his own words, “Oh Sublime Humility, Oh Humble Sublimity” Meaning God so humbled himself to be one of us, yet he was exalted in the highest heights of heaven, and he bent low to be human just like us. What an awesome dignity God showed us of humanity, and wonderful affirmation of all the things that make us human.

5. Glorify God by your lives

We are invited to represent God well by the testimony of our lives. That all we do, all we think of, all we dream about, everything that pulls on our heart will glorify God. “God has called us out of darkness into his own marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9.)” And we glorify God by the brightness of our life basking in that light.


When we tie these 5G’s together it makes for good communication with God, an open heart to discern God’s holy will for us, and clarification of just what God’s call is for us. Given the strength of God’s 5G network, we will have a clear signal toward our life’s direction, and we will suffer no more dropped calls.

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